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Tips & Tricks: Revving Up Your Marketing Strategy for the Holidays

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Did you know that $6.7 billion is spent on groceries for the Fourth of July? Here are some fun (pre-pandemic) Independence Day grocery facts! 

  • $73.33 is the average food spending per person, an increase of more than $5 per person since 2014
  • 150 million hot dogs are consumed
  • 700 pounds of chicken is purchased  
  • $804 million is spent on beef

So what does this mean for personal shoppers? In short, holidays can be a prime time to market your grocery delivery business! Whether it’s a federal holiday like the Fourth of July or a national holiday like National Ice Cream Day (which is coming up on July 18th!), you can leverage holidays within your business marketing strategy to grow your client list, order size, and/or order count.

Compelling graphics can help grab people’s attention, and there is no shortage of websites/apps to help you create these images to share via social media, text, email or anywhere else! We recommend checking out our article covering small business design tools for some really great resources.

Some tips for graphics:

  • Less is more in most cases 
  • Your text should be easy to read 
  • Keep your wording short and simple. (Remember you can utilize your social channels and pages when posting to give clients more information.)
  • Try to stick to four or less colors to keep graphics from becoming too busy
  • To help drive engagement, conduct social media photo contests on Instagram or Facebook, and encourage your followers to post their holiday stories.

Preparing Your Clients for Holiday Orders

We recommend starting the conversation one to two weeks prior to the holiday you’re promoting. This will give your clients the opportunity to start getting a list together and plan accordingly. They may also be able to figure out what stores will be the best fit for them based on sales and product. 

If you want to take it a step further, you could take time to track down the best holiday deals for your clients to help free up their schedules and get them ready for their holiday plans. So be sure to keep an eye out for which holidays are coming up, and plan to promote your services accordingly.

Note: Be aware of the prohibited items, such as gift cards, alcohol, tobacco and fireworks, that cannot be purchased with the Boss card. Please take a look at our Terms of Service for the full list of prohibited items.

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