Business Owner Profiles

How Serial Entrepreneur and Chef Cindy Pao Grew Her Personal Shopping Business Around a Passion for Helping People

5 Mins read
Cindy Pao has always been drawn to art. She studied graphic design in school and landed a great job with…
Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks: How to Get Referrals

1 Mins read
You’ve had that aha moment—the idea to start and grow a personal shopping business. You’ve thought of a name and…

4 Social Media Scheduling Tools to Try

2 Mins read
We’ve rounded up a few of the top free social media management tools that will help you keep a strong social media presence.

Always Thankful

1 Mins read
The past year brought us many challenges and obstacles to overcome. As we reflect on the events that transpired we…
Business Owner Profiles

Business Owner Profile: Celeste P.

1 Mins read
“Find your brand. Anyone can be a personal shopper, your brand is what will take you to success. Dive into what makes YOU and YOUR brand stand out. “
Business Owner Profiles

Business Owner Profile: Art Jeffries

1 Mins read
“I devote time to social media marketing every day. I look for other local businesses in my area, especially small start ups who would benefit from a delivery service. I follow, like, and share those businesses. Occasionally comment on their post.”