Increase your income from pet sitting or dog walking by offering grocery delivery!

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Get a $500 bonus when you complete 10 orders within 90 days of starting your business! Use promo code PET500 at sign up to claim this incentive.

Maximize your relationship with your pet service clients by expanding your service offering with Dumpling.

When it comes to personal services, it doesn’t get much more personal than taking care of someone’s beloved pets in their home. The level of trust that pet service providers have with their clients build long lasting relationships. So, when it comes to growing your business, you could look for more pet service clients or you could expand your existing relationships with those who already know and trust you.

Take your pet services to the next level with grocery delivery services

Almost 35% of active business owners on the Dumpling platform offer pet services, in addition to grocery shopping & delivery. Half of these business owners converted pet service clients into grocery delivery clients and grew their business from occasional pet sitting to pet sitting PLUS weekly grocery delivery services. From stocking your client’s fridge when they return from a trip, to weekly grocery delivery, pet services & grocery delivery go hand in hand when it comes to providing your clients with top quality service.

“With my own pet sitting service, I can charge less than traditional dog boarding services and offer my clients a full service experience. I take care of their pets, get the mail, water the plants, watch their house, and stock their fridge with Dumpling.” 

-Dumpling Business Owner, Suze on Pet Sitting + Grocery Delivery

Ready to take your pet service business to the next level? Grow your business on Dumpling.

Get a $500 bonus when you complete 10 orders within 90 days of starting your business! Use promo code PET500 at sign up to claim this incentive.

It’s easy to upgrade your pet service clients to grocery delivery 

Chances are, if your pet clients are using another service for grocery delivery, they would gladly switch to support your business as someone who they already know and trust. So, here’s how to bring it up in conversation. 

  1. Reach out to your client and let them know you’re now offering grocery shopping & delivery services. Ask if they’d like you to shop for pet food and supplies and deliver next time you stop by for a pet service. 
  2. For pet sitting clients, offer to stock their fridge for them before they return from a trip!
  3. Connect with your current pet clients and share that you’re expanding your business offerings to include grocery delivery and ask if they, or any friends or family might be interested in your new service.
  4. Ask your dog walking client if they would like to you pick up anything from the store on your way to walk the dog.

You’re not in this alone! Dumpling is here to help you grow your business

Growing a business can feel daunting sometimes, so that’s why the Dumpling team is here for you every step of the way. From our Pet Services business playbook, to our incredible, FREE coaching program, we’re here to help you be as successful as you want to be. So, if you’re ready to turn your pet service business into a full service business, click the link below to set up your business on Dumpling and get started today!

Don’t forget to use promo code PET500 to claim your $500 bonus when you complete 10 orders in your first 90 days.

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