How to Leave a Lasting Impression with Clients

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Leaving a lasting impression helps clients remember you are there when they need you most and is something that is important for all businesses. But how can you leave a lasting impression with clients? Let’s dive in and find out!

Go the Extra Mile When it Comes to Client Care

There are many ways you can leave an impression, but let’s start with the small things you likely already are doing within your business. This is called ‘going the extra mile’.  Some ideas could be; 

  1. Knowing your clients favorite items. If you notice they are on sale you are able to reach out to them and let them know so they can place an order!
  2. Going to another store to get all the items on your clients list.
  3. Keeping clients up to date on the latest recalled items, especially if they have ordered the items. 
  4. The ability to make extra stops for clients, such as post office drop off, coffee pick up, etc. This saves time for the clients since you are already out!
  5. Offering additional help for those who may have mobility issues, offer additional help, such as taking out the garbage on your way out or shoveling their walkway.

Incorporate Celebration into Your Marketing Strategy

As we head into the holiday season, some business owners give their clients holiday cards or small gifts as appreciation, this could be a small box of chocolates, their favorite food that is small and affordable, a few flowers split up from the bouquet, etc. Some even purchase small items from locally owned businesses in their area to give out as gifts. This is a great way to help out a local small business while also promoting their business to your clients! If you are crafty, you can always create your own cards or gifts as well.

It’s All in the Details

Remembering little details about your clients lives is another way you can leave an impression. This could be knowing their kids or pets names or even birthdays (you can use the client notes or put birthdays in your calendar to remember each year). Thank you cards are another small way to show appreciation towards your clients and can be very inexpensive. If it has been a while since you have seen or heard from a client, don’t forget to ask them how they are doing. A simple “I thought of you” or “how have you been doing?” can go a long way to show clients you are thinking of them and care. 

You Don’t Have to Spend Money to Make Your Clients Feel Taken Care Of

The sky really is the limit, though always make sure you are not over spending as it can add up very quickly. Keep things affordable and only do what you are able to afford. Don’t feel like you have to do small gifts, you can always work with donation centers or food banks in your area and have clients donate items with their orders. During the holidays, there are local toy drives, shelters in need of clothing and many other ways you and your clients can help within your community.Your clients will appreciate anything you give to them as it is you showing just how much you appreciate their business and care about them as a human being.

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