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How to optimize your Dumpling business profile

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Your Dumpling business profile is an important spot to tell potential clients why they should choose you as their Personal Shopper. So, what should you include to ensure you convert as many leads into clients as possible?

Start with a professional looking photo

The first impression potential clients get from your profile is your photo. Seeing who is potentially coming to their home can be a very powerful way to build (or break) trust for clients. We suggest using a well lit photo that shows your entire face and has a friendly expression. You’ll want a plain background (think a plain colored wall). If you shop with a partner you’ll want to utilize a picture that has both of your faces on it! It doesn’t have to be a glamour shot – just something to give them a taste of who you are! Pro tip: smile! *If you want to do a logo or a photo of you shopping from further away, those often fit better as website images. We previously went over those here

Next, set yourself apart with your About Me section

Next you’ll want to dive into the “about me” section. This is a great spot to give some details about you and your business. Some people choose to do a couple small paragraphs while others opt for bullet points – either way works! 

  • Give a sentence or two about who you are as a person – are there any work appropriate hobbies or clubs you participate in? Are you a parent or student? Do you have experience in a food related industry that would give you food safety knowledge? Giving a little information here can help clients relate to you – or even tell them if you have specific experience that would benefit them as your customer. 
  • Give another sentence or two about your business. Why did you start your business? What do you enjoy about personal shopping? If you’ve been shopping for a while be sure to tell them (Pro tip here: Something like “I’ve been a personal shopper for 2 years” sounds a lot more professional than “I do instacart/shipt”). Tell them what you excel at or specialize in as a shopper! Maybe you pride yourself on communication, replacements, going the extra mile, doing large orders, specialty diets, shopping for kids – whatever it may be let your clients know! 
  • Don’t forget to mention any other details that will help them connect with your business.  You could share details on your covid safety protocols, list additional stores you provide delivery from, or even advertise other services you offer. Maybe you want them to follow your business social media or be aware that you have a referral discount. 

Then, share your unique offerings with specialty tags

You’ll want to add in some specialty tags that show what your business specializes in. Having 6-8 of these can highlight important information for potential clients at a quick glance. These can be related to diets/allergies you are comfortable shopping, other services you offer, or just information about your business that may align with your customers. For example, You can put if you are a veteran owned company or following covid safety practices. 

Finally, clearly define your delivery area

Setting up your delivery location is just as important as your profile text! Advertising outside of where you are willing to deliver often creates conflict and results in cancelled orders. You can avoid this by making sure that your delivery area reflects how far you are willing to travel for the price that you have set and will help limit unwanted orders. Be clear and concise about the description of your delivery zone so that potential clients know right away if you service their area. Consider saying something like “Greater _ metro area” or “East Valley”. 

Don’t forget to double check for spelling, grammar, and content

Once you’ve saved all your changes remember to give your profile a good look over. Check for any grammar errors, repetitive information, and that the tone is friendly and clear. We recommend sending your profile to a friend (or the Dumpling Coaching Team) to give it a second proof read! We recommend going through your profile every few months just to make sure it is still up to date as your business grows. 

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