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Tips & Tricks: 4 Things to Know About Clients’ Grocery Preferences

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Here, we’ll cover insights and data from recent client surveys about their grocery preferences. 

Most frequently used words by clients in their preferences.

Clients who seek a personal shopper often value a personalized grocery experience for their family. Many are looking for someone that they can trust to shop the same way they would for themselves. 

Earlier this year, we started sending food personalization surveys to select leads after they installed the Dumpling app. Then we shared the result with their respective personal shoppers. After over 1,000 survey completions, four main insights emerged. Check them out below. 

#1 Produce Produce Produce!

Professional shoppers know the importance of selecting produce. Clients feel the same way, too. Produce was the most frequently used word when survey participants were asked what they were most particular about. This was followed by “fresh,” “fruit,” and “expiration date.” 

Many prospective clients have tried other grocery delivery apps and are now seeking a dramatically better shopping experience. Below is a sampling of comments from clients that illustrates just how important produce is to them:

  • “Fresh produce!”
  • “The main reason I don’t enjoy grocery delivery is that I don’t get to choose my own produce.”
  • “I’ve found most just grab without looking like they would if they were shopping for themselves. I also closely pay attention to expiration dates.”
  • “I would love someone that can pick good meat, fruit and produce.”
  • “Salad / lettuce bags. Please don’t choose wilted / soggy / aging bags.”
  • “Items are kept cold, fish and meat is not fatty or discolored, fruit and veggies are not bruised, farthest expiration dates so food is most fresh.”
  • “Getting the quality and quantity of produce I need!”
  • “Choosing quality, fresh produce.”
  • “Fruit and vegetables — I search for the best selection”
  • “Just making sure that veggies and fruits are fresh!”
  • “I’m picky about produce selections. Please try to find the freshest selections. Also, no brown spots on the yellow bananas. Thx!!”
  • “Ripeness of fruit- usually desire it ready to eat soon”
  • “I’m particularly picky about selecting fruit and produce that are not bruised, moldy, damaged or spoiled.”
  • “Please make sure fruit is ripe or if it’s cut fruit the sell by date needs to be a day or 2 away.”
  • “Please pay high attention to detail when picking fruits and vegetables. Thank you.”

Bananas and avocados are some of the most frequently requested produce. Preferences vary by client, with the majority preferring green bananas, as well as purple avocados (firm or slightly firm).

How do you like your bananas?
How do you like your avocados?

#2 Communication is Key

We know clients love communication with their personal shopper. When asked about their communication preferences, most clients prefer communication specifically around replacements. And others prefer lots and lots of communication throughout the shopping process.

How much communication do you prefer while shopping?

#3 Many Are Particular About Their Bag Types and Bagging

Almost half of potential clients prefer paper bags. And the other half are mixed between plastic and reusable preferences. 

Common bagging preferences from clients include:

  • “Pack all cold items together, pack all soft or lightweight items (that aren’t cold) together.”
  • “Package meats in plastic bag in case they drip.”
  • “Not overpacking the plastic bags.”
  • “Prefer paper bags when available and pack cold items together.  Please leave bags in shade on porch.”

#4 Addressing Concerns About Ordering

Many clients have never used a dedicated personal shopper before using the Dumpling app. Before they ordered, we asked them if they had concerns. 

Almost half of potential clients had no concerns. For those that did, the biggest concerns were the cost of the service, as well as understanding how the service works. Both of these can be addressed when you first reach out to a new client to explain your pricing model and how the service works.

Any concerns about ordering?

And Everything Else

As you know, clients have lots of preferences as it relates to shopping. Here some more representative comments for other parts of the shopping experience:

Expiration Dates

  • “Expiration dates. I like things to be as far out as possible especially milk and meats.”
  • “Check the expiration date on Everything.”
  • “Getting crappy produce or almost expired food.”
  • “Use by and expiration dates.  I want the farthest out that I can get.”


  • “When it comes to chips, please pick the 2-3 one from front.”


  • Eggs/ make sure no cracks”


  • “The color of the meat I buy.”
  • “My meat cannot be bloody or dripping!”


  • “Soda!  When I order Diet Coke it has to be Diet Coke! And not the store brand for any soda I order unless it is stated.”


  • Prefer very fresh dates on yogurt ( which will last a while).”


  • “Fresh & bread that’s not squished”

Happy shopping!

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