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Tips and Tricks: Welcoming Clients Through Text and Email

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“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” 

Many attribute the famous quote to Will Rogers. Some say Oscar Wilde coined the phrase, and others cite Mark Twain as its origin. But the sentiment is true no matter who uttered the words. And if you’re a personal shopper welcoming new clients, first impressions can act as springboards into long, fruitful relationships. 

Getting new client lead downloads is exciting, to be sure. Though, whether it’s the first time a new client is connecting with you or the 50th time, it means someone has chosen you to become their personal shopper. So what do you do now?

It is important to reach out when clients download the app to welcome them. Those new to Dumpling will likely have questions about how to place an order, or what to do if they can’t find a particular store. As they join your customer base, it’s essential your new clients feel comfortable and that you make the onboarding process seamless. 

One of the best ways you, as a business owner, can set your services apart from competitors is to open a direct line of communication between you and your clients. Avoid thinking that you’re being intrusive or sending unwanted messages. Some of our top business owners have found that persistence and not being afraid to over-communicate is actually something many clients highly appreciate. And, for new clients, this really magnifies how attentive you will be as their personal shopper.  

So let’s talk about best practices.

  • First we recommend saving the client’s name and phone number to your phone. 
  • Then touch base and send them your welcome text or email. 
  • We find that reaching out to client leads within a day or so is best, as they just downloaded the app, and they may have questions. 
  • Keep your messages somewhat short and to the point. 
  • Thank them for their interest in your business, and let them know to contact you if they have any questions. This will reinforce that you are excited to provide service for them.

We have created some text templates that business owners can use for this welcome message, as well as follow up texts to help you get started. Some find it easier to keep these templates saved as a Note in their phone to copy and paste; others use shortcuts (or text replacements) within their phone. 

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