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Tips and Tricks: Leveraging Facebook Groups to Help Market Your Business

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As a small business owner, one of your top priorities is to get the word out about your services. And Facebook groups can be a great tool for connecting with your local community. The best part? It’s free! Here, we’ve put together a few tips on how to get started.

Discovering local Facebook groups in your area is simple. Simply search your town’s name on Facebook, and hit the “Groups” option. This should populate the groups are near you. Join any and all that you feel you fit into (neighborhood groups, parenting groups, food specific groups, hobby groups, etc).

Facebook groups offer an effective (and free!) way to market your business.

Once you’ve joined, read through the rules. Each group’s terms can vary. For example, some only allow self promotion on certain days. If this is the case, be sure to mark your calendar to schedule posts about your business. This helps you avoid having your posts (or even yourself) being removed from the group.

Many groups host a repository of files where they list local businesses. This is a perfect space for you to showcase your business and also find other small local businesses you may be interested in. If a group doesn’t allow self promotion, it’s possible that it may be okay for a client, family member, or friend to post on your behalf.

If you are allowed to promote in the groups you’ve joined — go ahead and do so! Keep it simple and upbeat. It’s important to include what sets your business apart from the pack, where you provide service, and how to follow up with you for more information (such as linking your Facebook business page). A pro tip here is to not mention other companies by name or belittle them. Instead, highlight your business’s value proposition and what makes your business special. Something like, “I offer in-store prices — you’ll always get your store receipt!” will have potential customers putting two and two together that maybe they are paying inflated item pricing now.

The next tool is the search bar in groups. People often complain that they are just out of bounds for another delivery option; that they wish there was a wider store selection for the delivery options they know of; or that their service has been inconsistent. These are all things you have a solution for! You can search any relevant words (such as “delivery,” “groceries,” or even the names of competitor apps) and answer posts that come up from the last couple of weeks. 

When interacting in local groups, be mindful to not over post about your business and to respect the admins and members. I would even suggest taking extra time to be a community member where you are posting — answer some non related posts or show some support to other small businesses. After all, business ownership is about building relationships!

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