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Meet the Dumpling Coaching Team & Learn How to Connect with Them

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One of the many things that makes Dumpling unique is our coaching program. We have a small team of coaches who specifically focus on helping business owners start, run, and grow their businesses. The Dumpling coaches work closely with business owners in both one-on-one and group settings to offer advice, share best practices, brainstorm marketing ideas, and answer questions. 

Meet Dumpling Coaches, Sarah & Ashley

The coaching team consists of Sarah and Ashley, who are both experienced Dumpling business owners. Their goal is to make as many business owners successful as possible. Over their time at Dumpling, they have coached thousands of Dumpling business owners across the US! 

Sarah started her business, SP Personal Shopping in October 2018, after a few years within the gig economy and wanting to find a way to build her own business and clientele base. It wasn’t easy for her to get her business up and running and she leaned on the Dumpling Coaching program for help, especially in the beginning. She still runs her business today serving clients she has had since she first opened business! Sarah was brought onto the coaching team in April 2019 and has enjoyed being able to work with business owners to help them grow their business, just like Dumpling did for her! 

Ashley transitioned out of the gig economy and started her business with Dumpling in 2019 with a desire to provide a more personalized level of customer service to her clients. She joined the coaching team in April 2020, just as grocery delivery was becoming a household topic across the country. She has enjoyed watching Dumpling grow and seeing many business owners become empowered by working on their own terms. 

How to Connect with the Dumpling Coaching Team

The best way to get in touch with the coaches is by sending them a message via the message center of the Boss App.  Start a new conversation and then follow the prompts to contact a coach. The coaching inbox is typically answered during business hours (9am-5pm PST) Monday through Friday. 

The coaching inbox connects you directly with the coaching team for one-on-one help with setting up your account details, pricing your services, marketing strategies, customer relationships, and so much more! The coaches also offer a more in-depth one-on-one session if needed. 

If you need assistance with your account, technical support, or have payment issues you will be transferred to our operations team who can best facilitate that. There are also prompts to reach their inbox directly in the Message Center. 

Connect with the Coaching Team & Other Business Owners During Office Hours

Office Hours is a group Zoom meeting held on Tuesdays and Thursdays (aside from holiday or vacation weeks) at 11 am PST/2 pm EST and is an hour long. Business owners are able to stay for the entire call or drop in as needed. 

This is a great space to get ideas and tips from both the coaching team and other business owners. Topics that tend to come up frequently are marketing tips and tricks, ways to build trust with clients, resources and tools other business owners use, as well as general encouragement. 

The guidelines for Office Hours can be found here. A Zoom link is sent out in the Boss app at the start of the meeting to join.

Business Owner Training Courses in Dumpling University

Dumpling University has video training that is available for free to Dumpling business owners 24/7. The Onboarding Section is perfect for setting-up your account and learning how both of our apps work. Completing this section is required to appear in our marketplace search. The Promote Your Business Section is full of tips and tricks from our coaching team. It covers how to start talking about your business, communicating with clients, and much more! We are continually adding to this resource so be sure to check back every so often! 

The Entrepreneur’s Guidebook to Running a Local Business

Our Guidebook not only has great features on successful business owners who work in many different ways but has a Coaching Corner. The guidebook is typically updated a couple of times per month with new content so be sure to check back regularly!

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