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Business Owner Profile: Celeste P.

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Starting a business is hard work, but for Celeste, leaning into her own personal brand has helped her grow her business rapidly. Now as she approaches one year of business, she’s setting goals that will help her grow in success and eventually would like to build her own team of employees!

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Business Owner Name: Celeste P.

Business Name: Shopping by the Shore

Business founded: April 2020

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“Find your brand. Anyone can be a personal shopper, your brand is what will take you to success. Dive into what makes YOU and YOUR brand stand out.”

– Celeste, on building a personal brand.

How long have you been a professional Personal Shopper? 3.5 years

Why did you choose to start your own Personal Shopping business on Dumpling?
I was actively working for Instacart. I started branching out on my own one customer at a time. My life changed drastically with COVID HIT my area. I went from having regular clients every day to so many changes. I no longer felt safe or secure. I was so thankful to have found the Dumpling team. I was able to make my brand and start my own business. I went from working Monday-Friday, normal hours to whenever I had availability . Obviously I had to make some drastic changes.

What steps have you taken to grow your clientele?
Get a dumpling coach. Having that unbiased opinion from a fellow business owner has been eye opening. I had Bree review all kinds of information, posts, etc. I have partnered with our local radio stations as well as businesses in our community. Word of mouth has been a huge part of my growth.

What are your business goals for this year? 
Growth, Success, to Hire consistent exployees. Another would be to hit 500 shops on Dumpling.

If you were to give one piece of advice to a new business owner, what would it be?
Find your brand. Anyone can be a personal shopper, your brand is what will take you to success. Dive into what makes YOU and YOUR brand stand out. 

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