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Marketing Tips & Tricks for Back to School Shopping

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Did you know that in 2020 the back to school shopping spend for K-12 was $33.9 Billion dollars and the spending for back to school college students was $67.7 Billion dollars? Did you also know that the average back to school cost for K-12 in 2020 was just under $800 per household and for college students this was around $1,000 per household? These numbers continue to rise from year to year even through the pandemic! 

Back to school shopping season is huge for many, this is because it involves everyone from kindergarten to college. Don’t forget that it’s not just the students who are needing back to school items, this also includes educators! This can also be a huge season for Personal Shoppers as well. So,  if back to school shopping is something you are willing to do, this can be a good way to market your business to clients. You can save them valuable time and take a huge chore off their to do list!

Potential for Personal Shoppers

As we get closer to the end of summer and with school being right around the corner, parents are trying to find time to get everything done before their kids have to start, all while still trying to enjoy the last bit of summer that is left. This can include things like doctors visits or checkups, getting the kids back into a sleep schedule, and even tidying up the house for all the upcoming busy mornings. 

Back to School Marketing Tactics

Here are some things to try, if you want to promote back to school shopping as a service offered by your business:

Give a peek at what’s in the stores

  • Post deals or photos of the supply section of your local stores. You can even share a part of their weekly ad without leaving your home! 
  • Show different stores you are willing to shop for this (Target, Michaels, Walmart, Office Depot, Big Lots, Etc)
  • Share the current clothes and shoe specials

Share tips, tricks, and hacks

  • Talk about creative lunchbox ideas and after school snacks- maybe your clients would love some ideas or a reminder for a pantry stock up! 
  • Share some easy dinner recipes for those hectic days where an easy meal is needed! Think of crockpot or instant pot recipes.
  • Back to school content ideas such as room organization tips, after-school activities or fun DIY projects.

Expand your scope…it’s about more than just pencils 

  • Acquire the supply list for local schools or let clients know you are willing to do so! 
  • Include the “dorm room essentials” or locker decor sections for bigger kids! 
  • Acknowledge that this year may still look different for students – include disinfectants, sanitizers, masks, or remote learning supplies in your advertisements.
  • Let clients know you can personalize this service (“Just let me know if there are any characters, colors, or themes your kids are in to!”)

Offer a back to school promo

  • Back to school promotions such as % or $ discount, giveaways, contest, loyal customer discount. 
  • Dumpling is currently running a promotion to help business owners use Back to School shopping to find new clients. This promotion is paid for by Dumpling and can be used by 1st time clients. It will be valid until September 7th and is for $20 off $100 or more of groceries/supplies. First time clients can use code BACKTOSCHOOL20 at checkout to utilize this promotion.
Dumpling back to school shopping special offer.
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