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Tips and Tricks: How to Get Referrals

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You’ve had that aha moment—the idea to start and grow a personal shopping business. You’ve thought of a name and worked out a logo; you’ve created business cards and branding materials. You’re all up and running with your first set of clients. But the question that inevitably comes next is “How do I grow?” 

There are many ways to scale your business, but few are more effective than word of mouth advertising. Your existing client base is a veritable gold mine of opportunity to get the news out about your services and reach your business goals. 

The best way to leverage your current clients to attract more customers is through a referral program. Odds are pretty good your clients surround themselves with people who have similar interests and needs, and it’s not difficult to put them to work and source their networks.

First, you need to think about what is valuable to the clients you currently serve. What charm do you bring? What makes you stand out from the rest? Whatever it is, make it your specialty! Our top referral tips can help you determine the best way to approach this.  

Everyone loves a giver. And offering a small thank you gift to your clients with extra business cards to hand out to their friends and family can go a long way in attracting new customers. If you want to splurge, fridge magnets with your business information are even better than business cards. These rarely get lost or thrown away, and every time they reach for the milk that was emptied the day before, they know how to contact you!

If gift giving is not quite your style, think about offering your clients a discount incentive. For example, for every new client that your current client refers, you can offer them a discount off their next order.

My third tip, and honestly my favorite, JUST ASK! You have built a relationship with your clients, and chances are they would absolutely love to share your information with others.

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