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How to talk about your grocery delivery business on Dumpling 

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A key part of growing your business is learning how to talk about it to potential clients. This means talking about it in a way that piques their interest in the first 1-2 minutes. Let’s take a deeper dive into the key points you highlight when talking about your business. 

Determine who your ideal client is

The most important thing to figure out is, who your potential clients may be or who you want them to be. Figuring out who you want your target audience to be can help you better market and advertise your business to that group. Do you want to help busy parents or are you more focused on the elderly community? Do you want to attract those who shop at specific stores or maybe those with dietary needs that you have knowledge about?

What problem does your business solve for your potential clients?

Next, you’ll want to think about what problem(s) does your business solve for potential clients? There are many different problems your business may help solve, so personalize it to their specific needs. For example, “I provide excellent service to clients on a regular basis and offer them more store options than traditional delivery apps.”

Articulate the benefits of your business to potential clients

Let’s dive into how your business can be the solution to your potential clients problems.
We know that by choosing a local business owner on Dumpling, there are several benefits for potential clients.

  • Get the same shopper for every order: This means you have the opportunity to learn about your clients needs and wants, ultimately building a trusting relationship. This leads to better communication and a superior experience for your client.
  • Better selection of stores to shop from: There is a wide store selection to choose from when shopping, including locally owned and membership stores (i.e. Costco, Sam’s Club). This is a huge benefit for your business because clients can’t get this with other delivery services.
  • Receipts & in-store pricing: Clients always get the original store receipt, showing the in-store prices (and any discounts applied). This means clients benefit from transparency, no price markups, coupons, and store sales.
  • Multi-store option: This means better inventory and increased choice for your clients! Ordering from multiple stores for one order with the same shopper is most often not an option with other delivery services.

Why should potential clients choose your business over another grocery delivery option?

When you talk about why people should use your business, focus on what your business specializes in and how that sets you apart from other business owners. Maybe you have food delivery experience or specialize in dietary needs or shop from farmers markets. Are you great at finding deals and sales or maybe speak a different language? These are all things to highlight within your business profile and when talking about it. Don’t forget to mention that supporting your business is helping to support a locally owned small business in their community!

Pro tip! Adding specialty tags to your Dumpling Website profile will make it easier for potential clients to find you.

Tell people how to find & share your business

If the person seems willing to try your service, offer to send them an invite via text right from the client tab in the Boss app. This is the preferred way because you then have a phone number to follow up. Keep business cards and/or flyers on hand so you can quickly share them with potential clients.

Practice your pitch!

Now that you know what you are going to talk about, let’s talk about how to practice your pitch! You may be thinking, “I already figured out what to talk about. Why do I need to practice?”. The key is to remember that how you communicate is just as important as what you say. With practice, you can avoid becoming distracted, talking too fast, or forgetting important information.

Pitch practice pro tips

Your goal is to practice until you become comfortable and sound natural! Here’s a few tips to help you practice:

  1. Positively focus on your business and avoid talking negatively about other shoppers or delivery services. Instead of focusing on the negative things about other delivery services, you might say, “With my business I offer in-store pricing and you get the actual store receipt.”
  2. Remember to keep it to 1-2 minutes total!
  3. Practice with a friend or family member if possible. 
  4. Don’t over complicate it. You don’t want to scare anyone off with too much information and want this to be a ‘back & forth’ conversation.

Where to find clients and introduce your business

Now that you have practiced your pitch and are ready to go, the next big question is.. where or when should you try talking to people?

  • Start with places where you feel comfortable (picking your kids up from school, the grocery store, church, you name it!)
  • Try inserting yourself into your community and local organizations (Chamber of Commerce, marketplaces, clubs, or volunteer organizations you are a part of, etc.).
  • Talk about your business anywhere it comes up! When someone asks, “What have you been up to or what do you do?” This is your chance!
  • Introduce yourself as a local business owner. This helps you start with your business first. 
  • Strive for ‘No’. This means being ok with a ‘no’ response and moving on to the next person. Try setting a goal like, “I will strive for 10 ‘No’s’ to get 1 ‘Yes’.” 
  • Focus on using your Boss app client tab for invites. This gives you the phone number for the lead so you can follow up. Direct invites from the Boss app have the highest conversion rate of any leads on the Dumpling platform!
  • Remember to always have your business cards and/or flyers on hand. You never know when you might have the opportunity to pitch your business.
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