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One Woman's Drive to Build Bridges and Remove the Guilt of Asking for Help Through Grocery Delivery

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“The resources Dumpling has are incredible. Their coaches do twice a week training calls, I’m not able to jump on all of them, but the fact that they’re there and the community spirit of helping each other is really helpful,” Heather explains, “I love that it’s my business and I’m solely responsible for the success or failure of this business, but I have all the support and tools I need at my fingertips for whatever direction I want to take it with Dumpling.”
Business Owner Profiles

Long-Time Customer Service Worker Bee Tim Finds Success Switching to Grocery Delivery Entrepreneurship

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“One of Dumpling’s selling points is that I’m able to have one-on-one coaching,” he says, “I was very impressed with the coaching I got early on. The fact that I know I have people to reach out to it, just a call or text to get some answers, and it’s a team there to assist me in the decisions I want to make for my company.”