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5 ways to mix up your social media post content

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Mixing up the type of content is one of the best ways to beat algorithms and stay relevant on social media. Algorithms aside, varying the type of content you post is also more engaging for your followers. As you start to share different types of content, you will start noticing what performs best with your audience. Once you know what that is, do more of that and you will see your engagement continue to grow.

1. Share someone’s else’s content (and tag them!)

This is the highest form of flattery. Not only are you giving another person visibility, you’re showing your followers what type of content is important to you. Think of sharing others content as a branding exercise for yourself.

2. Jump on the bandwagon by sharing content inspired by another account.

Be sure to give a shoutout to the original content creator! If there is a trending hashtag that resonates with you, hop on board! If an account you love shared a unique perspective on a hot topic (or any topic), join the conversation.

3. Take the mixed medium approach.

Share a healthy mix of video, photos, article links, and commentary. Not only will this engage your followers, but it always shows the algorithm that you’re not a one trick pony.

4. Show your face!

Although product shots are nice and memes are hilarious, time and time again it’s shown in surveys that people want to see people.

5. Share client reviews.

It doesn’t matter what form they are in, text messages, social media posts, video, hand written note, you name it! People want to see what other people think of your product or service.

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